Thinking about selling? Maximize your sale price with these resources

According to a 2020 survey over 2,000 adults from Coldwell Banker, 80% of Americans say they would prefer to buy a move-in ready home over one that requires renovations. In addition, 70% of millennials and 71% of Gen Xers would be willing to sacrifice the size of their home for one that required no updates.

If you haven’t recently renovated your home and want to put it up for sale, you have two options to consider:

  1. Do the upgrades yourself
  2. Make it easy for prospective buyers to understand the cost & ROI of doing those upgrades after they move in

Realm can help you with both of these. Our free property analysis shows what’s allowed on a property, how much various improvements will cost, and what the ROI in terms of home value is for each improvement. Watch the 40-second videos below to learn how.

Evaluate making changes to the property before listing 

Promote your property’s upside to prospective buyers

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Get more out of your biggest asset: your home. Realm shows you what your home could be worth & how to access more of its potential. We analyze thousands of unique data points—from property history to neighborhood trends to project costs—to measure your property’s potential and equip you with the personalized insights and practical recommendations you need to make smarter financial decisions.

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