When to buy a Realm report

Realm is free to use for all homeowners. Your free Realm dashboard provides data & insights that cover:

  • What’s possible – Top projects to help you increase your home value, while staying within the rules of what’s allowed on your property given zoning restrictions.
  • What it will cost – Local pricing estimates for 20+ home projects including adding new space, upgrading current spaces, and refreshing amenities (plus, we’re adding more projects each month).
  • What’s the upside – Property-specific estimates of the impact each project will have on home value using trends of comparable properties nearby

Above & beyond the data provided for free within your Realm dashboard, we also offer reports. Our custom reports use hyper-local data to provide a more detailed analysis of your property and are prepared by our property analysts. Consider a report if:

  • You’d like a downloadable, detailed overview of your property
  • You want a human to review your property & make recommendations
  • You are looking for detailed breakdowns of project pricing
  • You need recommendations of vetted vendors who have completed similar projects nearby

Here’s a comparison of our 4 report offerings:

To buy your report follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Log in or create your free Realm account
  2. Navigate to the reports page
  3. Select your report & checkout

If you’re not sure which report is best for your needs, schedule a free property review with one of our advisors.

Here’s what a couple of our customers had to say about our reports:

The Project Planner report was packed full of helpful and useful information. It saved me time and helped me make important decisions on how to increase the ROI on my home. I especially liked the recommendations for architects and contractors and the detailed pricing information for my projects.

Jane from Colorado

It was really empowering to read my Increase Home Value report and know that the additions and updates we are thinking of making (and the few projects that your permit search caught) will improve our home value as well as addressing our livability issues.

Stefanie from San Diego

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