Realm’s Top 25 Most Innovative Agents

As a real estate agent, you are constantly thinking of ways to improve client engagement and staying up to date with the latest tech tools in the market. Each month, we spotlight the Top 25 Most Innovative Agents in our community.

These agents have found value in Realm’s data-driven technology to educate their clients on what renovations they can potentially do to their homes while increasing their ROI.

This out-of-the-box thinking is what earned these agents a spot in our August list:

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About Realm

Founded by real estate entrepreneur Liz Young in 2019, Realm is a one-stop-shop for accessible, actionable home advice. With data-backed insights ranging from when to tackle a bathroom renovation to when to refinance, we are here to help modern American homeowners get more out of their biggest asset.

We partner with real estate agents around the country who use our platform to differentiate themselves from the competition and to deepen relationships with their clients.

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Get more out of your biggest asset: your home. Realm shows you what your home could be worth & how to access more of its potential value.

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