Renovate or Wait?

An analysis of current material prices and financing rates concludes that while remodeling is more expensive now than it was last year, trying to time a renovation for both low interest rates and low materials may not be worth the wait or risk, because even a 1% increase in interest rates offsets the savings from waiting for materials prices to drop.

Planning for a remodeling project: who do you need to hire and who should you call first?

Learn which local professionals do what in the planning phase of a large construction or remodel project, such as a kitchen remodel or home addition, specifically what the differences are between contractors and design professionals, when to consider DIYing versus outsourcing, and what to expect during the planning process.

Realm’s Guide to Home Additions

It’s not always up to you where and what you can build on the property that you own. If you need to make more space for your growing family — whether that’s more kids on the way or parents moving in with you — you may find yourself weighing the pros and cons of addingContinue reading “Realm’s Guide to Home Additions”