Renovate or Wait?

An analysis of current material prices and financing rates concludes that while remodeling is more expensive now than it was last year, trying to time a renovation for both low interest rates and low materials may not be worth the wait or risk, because even a 1% increase in interest rates offsets the savings from waiting for materials prices to drop.

The Four Best Home Improvement Projects for Maximum ROI

For most of us, our home isn’t simply a place to live – it’s our largest investment. However, when it’s time to remodel or improve our homes, knowing which projects will yield the best bang for our buck can be complicated and ambiguous. What’s worse, there are some significantly expensive projects that may not provideContinue reading “The Four Best Home Improvement Projects for Maximum ROI”

Should You Refinance During COVID-19?

Interest rates are at historic lows today and have dropped from over 10% in the last 30 years into the 2-3% range! Sounds great, right? Yes and no.  The mortgage industry is overwhelmed with customers looking to refinance their mortgages, which means that the process takes longer and is more difficult than during calm economicContinue reading “Should You Refinance During COVID-19?”