Planning for a remodeling project: who do you need to hire and who should you call first?

Learn which local professionals do what in the planning phase of a large construction or remodel project, such as a kitchen remodel or home addition, specifically what the differences are between contractors and design professionals, when to consider DIYing versus outsourcing, and what to expect during the planning process.

Why is getting good data on home projects so hard?

Learn what local expert advice is good for (and what it’s not), why finding good data to inform home projects used to be impossible, and how Realm can help you become a knowledgeable homeowner

How to use Zillow + Realm to outsmart other homebuyers

If you’re actively looking for a house, you know that the market is unpredictable right now. Instead of competing with dozens of other buyers on a renovated home with immaculate finishes, consider buying a property that doesn’t meet all of your current criteria — one with a lot of potential that could meet your criteria within two years of moving in. These properties will be less competitive, more customizable, and often offer a better deal.

7 Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Are you a pandemic homebuyer (or about to be one)? We’ve got you covered COVID has impacted every aspect of the economy, and real estate is no exception. We’ve all read about rents dropping in top urban areas like New York City and San Francisco, newcomers arriving in droves in states with 0% income taxContinue reading “7 Tips for First-Time Homeowners”