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Buy vs. Build

Use Realm’s cost per square foot index to determine if it is better to build or buy in your county. We compare the cost per square foot to buy based on recent home sales and cost per square foot to build based on average local material & labor costs.

How to use Zillow + Realm to outsmart other homebuyers

If you’re actively looking for a house, you know that the market is unpredictable right now. Instead of competing with dozens of other buyers on a renovated home with immaculate finishes, consider buying a property that doesn’t meet all of your current criteria — one with a lot of potential that could meet your criteria within two years of moving in. These properties will be less competitive, more customizable, and often offer a better deal.

Realm’s Guide to Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are a common project because kitchen style becomes outdated about every 10 years, but it’s important to think through the ROI before getting started. ROI is simply how much your project costs compared to how much your home value will increase.

Robyn & Lukas: Pandemic Homebuyers

Robyn & Lukas bought their home last June. After being holed up in their 2 bedroom apartment in Los Feliz at the beginning of the pandemic, they decided it was time to finally pull the trigger on buying a home. They saw 20 properties in a month and a half before settling on a 3-bed, 2-bath home in Leimert Park. They fell in love with the open concept layout, the 1909 charm on the outside, and the view of the palm trees at sunset from the front porch.

Realm Now Available for 60M+ Single Family Homes

Realm offers coverage of single family homes in certain geographies—the white counties above are where we have no coverage and the green counties are where we have partial or full coverage. We are actively adding new properties each week and plan to expand to multi-family homes and condos later this year. Use the table belowContinue reading “Realm Now Available for 60M+ Single Family Homes”

What is the Realm Score?

The Realm Score helps you understand how much of a property’s potential has been realized. Unlike home value, which can be impacted by a number of factors outside a homeowner’s control such as school districts, lot size, and nearby highways, a Realm Score only takes into account the things that you can change.  Put simply:Continue reading “What is the Realm Score?”


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