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Renovate or Wait?

An analysis of current material prices and financing rates concludes that while remodeling is more expensive now than it was last year, trying to time a renovation for both low interest rates and low materials may not be worth the wait or risk, because even a 1% increase in interest rates offsets the savings from waiting for materials prices to drop.

Find Zip Codes with Potential

Although home prices are rising across the country, most homes still have untapped potential value that can be access through smart home projects and upgrades. Browse our data to see which zip codes in your area have the most potential.

An Overview of Realm’s Data-Driven Process

If you live in Southern California, you can also take advantage of our data-driven renovation process which pairs in depth research with custom designs and introductions to vetted vendors in your area.

Ashley & Clint: Creating a multi-year renovation plan

Without Realm, Ashley & Cling wouldn’t have known where to start. Realm’s analysis helped them prioritize their long list of dream projects into a sequence that fit with her personal & financial goals. Now they feels confident moving forward with the investments she is making into her home.

Where do houses have the most potential?

Although prices are undoubtedly rising, the good news is that many properties still have a lot of potential. At Realm, we measure potential by understanding what a property could be worth with various upgrades & improvements.

A Guide To Realm Reports

Above & beyond the data provided for free within your Realm dashboard, we also offer 4 different reports. Our custom reports use hyper-local data to provide a more detailed analysis of your property and are prepared by our property analysts.

Realm’s Renovation Index

Americans’ relationship with their homes changed during the pandemic — whether their homes were ready for 2x the use or not! The data showed clear trends: homeowners weren’t willing to forgo essential rooms, invested in more space, and prioritized outdoor amenities.


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